Hansen Indirect Tax provides consulting services relating to GST/HST, BC PST, Saskatchewan PST and Manitoba RST, Excise Taxes and Duties, Property Transfer Tax and Caribbean VAT. 


Services include:


General Planning and Advice:Provide verbal and written consulting indirect tax services  relating to application of indirect taxes  in particular, GST/HST and transition/complance relating to BC PST.   


Audit Defence and Voluntary Disclosure: Provide consulting services relating to reducing or eliminating proposed indirect tax government assessments which includes assistance with planning for meetings with taxing authorities and/or preparing written responses.  


Coordinate the preparation and delivery of voluntary disclosure submissions to various taxing authorities and follow-up to eliminate audit exposure and minimize penalties and interest.


Transaction Support:Review proposed domestic and international transactions and identify planning opportunities and risk matters. Minimize indirect tax expense by structuring transactions to maximize the use of exemptions.


Sales Tax Recovery: Assist companies with identifying areas of opportunity for indirect tax refunds and/or system improvements to mitigate direct and administrative costs relating to indirect taxes.  



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